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Primary Faculty
Name Phone Research Interest
Li-Man Hung
Chairman & Ph.D. Professor
3338 Heart physiology
Sebastian D. Fugmann
Ph.D. Professor
3478 Molecular Immunology, DNA recombination and repair
Chia-Hsiang Chen
Ph.D. Professor
3812 Genetic etiology of major psychiatric disorders
Chao-Lan Yu
Ph.D. Professor
3730 Cancer biology, Signal transduction and gene regulation
Bertrand Tan
Ph.D. Professor
5067 Biochemistry, Proteomics, Molecular Cellular Biology
Mei-Ling Cheng
Ph.D. Professor
3811 Oxidative stress and cell metabolism
Robert Yung-Liang Wang
Ph.D.  Professor
3691 Molecular viology, Anti-viral drug development
Chin-Yuan Hsu
Ph.D. Associate Professor
3402 Aging and anti-aging,Iron biomineralization & magnetoreception in honeybees
Ya-Chin Yang
Ph.D.  Professor
3394 Neurobiology
Hai-wei Pi
Ph.D. Associate Professor
3361 Developmental Biology
Guo-Jen Huang
Ph.D. Associate Professor
3802 Genes and Neuroscience
Yi-Ting Chen
Ph.D. Associate Professor
3558 Biological Mass Spectrometry, Translational Proteomics, Urologic Oncologyi
Scott C. Schuyler
Ph.D. Associate Professor
3596 Yeast cell cycle biology,genetics and biochemistry
Wen-Hui Su
Ph.D. Associate Professor
3564 Bioinformatics, Oncogenomics, Molecular Epidemiology
Yaa-Jyuhn Meir
Ph.D. Associate Professor
3641 Stem cell research
Sheng-Chieh Hsu
Ph.D. Assistant Professor
3690 Molecular and cellular biology, Cancer biology
Shu Yuan Yang
Ph.D. Associate Professor
3828 Germ cell development
Ming-Chih Lai
Ph.D. Assistant Professor
3354 RNA metabolism, Cancer research, Molecular Virology
Pei-Chien Tsai
Ph.D. Assistant Professor
3857 Computational Genomics, Biostatistics & Epidemiology
Po-Jung Huang
Ph.D. Associate Professor
3729 Applied bioinformatics, Pathogen bioinformatics, Trans-omics integration
Ph.D. Assistant Professor 
3494 Machine learning of population health data, population genetics, clinical trials
Woan-Shyuan Wang
5182 Community health nursing
Tsui-Hsia Feng
5212 Medical and surgical nursing, emergency and intensive care, cancer cell metabolism and regulation
Co-hiring teachers
Name Phone Research Interest
Chee-Jen Chang
Clinical Informatics and Medical Statistics Research Center Chairman & Ph.D. Professor
3577 Public Health and Environmental Medicine
Jr-Rung Lin
Associate professor
3756 Pharmaceutical Statistics, Clinical Trials, Biostatistics
Yu-Wen Wen
Assistant Professor
3759 Biostatistics
Jur-Shan Cheng
Assistant Professor
3810 Health Economics
Administrative Contact
Name Phone Business
Ching Ying Chen 3293 Experimental Assistant
Ai Ting Huang 3491 Secretary
Peng-Chun Chen 3984 生技產業碩博學程/臨床試驗與評估碩士班



22 teachers guiding 378 students