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楊淑元(Shu Yuan Yang)

Shu Yuan Yang


Assistant Professor

Shu Yuan Yang


Ph.D., Yale University



Office Tel

+886-3-211-8800 ext.3828




Laboratory of Developmental Biology


Germ cell development

Lab & Research Interest

Germ cells (or the germline) are the cells that give rise to sperm and eggs, and they are the foundation to sexual reproduction. This lineage of cells is unique from all other somatic cell types, and once sperm and eggs are formed, they can fertilize with each other to generate embryos and fuel the continuous cycle of life. In my lab, we study the molecular mechanisms that underlie two critical cell fate decisions that germ cells must make :

  1. What makes germ cells distinct from other somatic lineages of cells?
    Germ cell differentiation will produce sperm or eggs, which can give rise to embryos that are totipotent and capable of regenerating all cell types within an organism. We are using molecular approaches to study genes that are already known to be involved in these key developmental decisions and also to perform genetic screens to uncover new genes that regulate this process.

  2. How do germ cells decide their sex?
    Germ cells must either choose a male or female program. This decision not only will determine whether sperm or eggs are produced, but the cell biology of male and female germ cells also exhibit clear differences. Some examples include how germline stem cells are regulated, and differential usage of asymmetric divisions. We have recently identified a new gene Phf7 in Drosophila that directs male germline sex determination, and we are further characterizing its roles in germ cell development. We will also use Phf7 as an entry point to map additional molecules and pathways that coordinate this developmental program.



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