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陳嘉祥 (Chia-Hsiang Chen)

陳嘉祥 (Chia-Hsiang Chen)




Ph.D. in Biomedicine, City University of New York



Office Tel

+886-3-211-8800 ext.3812






Genetic etiology of major psychiatric disorders

Lab & Research Interest

Dr. Chen’s primary interest is to search for the genetic etiology of major psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia, autism, mental retardation, and drug addiction. He uses systematic genetic approaches including karyotyping, array-based comparative genomic hybridization, fluorescence in situ hybridization, real-time quantitative PCR, re-sequencing, genotyping, next generation sequencing combined with case-control study design and family study to uncover the genetic underpinnings of psychiatric disorders. He also conducts in vitro and in vivo assays to characterize the functional significance of mutations associated with psychiatric disorders to understand the pathogenesis of psychiatric disorders. His long-term goal is to invent new medicine and new way to improve the treatment of patients who suffer from mental illnesses.



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