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張煥宗 (Huan-Tsung Chang)

Huan-Tsung Chang




Ph.D., Iowa State University



Office Tel

+886-3-211-8800 ext. 3020

Lab Tel




Nanomedicine, Nanosensor and Nanocatalyst Lab



Analytical Chemistry and Nanoscience

Lab & Research Interest

We focus on preparation of nanomaterials through green approaches and their applications in sensing, cell imaging, nanodrugs, nanozymes, nanocatalysts, and new energy sources. Specific topics of interests include:

(I)      Development of gold, silver, copper, and carbon based optical probes.

(II)     Preparation of nanodrugs for antibacterial, anticoagulation, and anticancer.

(III)    Fabrication and applications of microstructures of nanomaterials.

(IV)   Nanomaterials for fuel cells, supercapacitors, and reduction of carbon dioxide.


Selected Papers:

1. Anand, A.; Jian, H.-J.; Huang, H.-H.; Hean, L.E.; Li, Y.-J.; Lai*, J.-Y.; Chou, H.-D.; Kang, E.Y.-C.; Wu, W.-C.; Lai, C.-C.; Huang, C.-C.; H.-T. Chang* “Anti-angiogenic Carbon Nanovesicles Loaded with Bevacizumab for the Treatment of Age-related Macular Degeneration” Carbon 2023, 2023, 201, 362-370.

2.   Lin, Y.-F.; Lin, Y.-S.; Huang, T.-Y.; Wei, S.-C.; Wu, R.-S.; Huang, C.-C.; Huang, Y-F.*; Chang, H.-T.* “Photoswitchable Carbon-dot Liposomes Mediate Catalytic Cascade Reactions for Amplified Dynamic Treatment of Tumor Cells” Journal of Colloid and Interface Sci. 2022, 628, 717–725.

3. Wu, R.-S.; Lin, Y.-S.; Nain, A.; Unnikrishnan, B.; Lin, Y.-F.; Yang, C.-R.; Chen, T.-H.; Huang, Y.-F.*; Huang, C.-C.; Chang, H.-T.* “Evaluation of Chemotherapeutic Response in Living Cells Using Subcellular Organelle‒Selective Amphipathic Carbon Dots” Biosens. Bioelectron. 2022, 211, 114362.

4. Sangili, A.; Unnikrishnan, B.; Nain, A.; Hsu, Y.-J.; Wu, R.-S.; Huang, C.-C. *; Chang, H.-T.* “Stable Carbon Encapsulated Titanium Carbide MXene Aqueous lnk for Fabricating High-performance Supercapacitors” Energy Storage Mater. 2022, 53, 51−61.

5.      Lin, W.-J.; Lin, Y.-S.; Chang, H.-T.*; Unnikrishnan, B.; Huang, C.-C.* “Electrocatalytic CuBr@CuO Nanoparticles Based Salivary Glucose Probes” Biosens. Bioelectron. 2021, 194, 113610.

6.    Wu, C.-W.; Unnikrishnan, B.; Chen, I.-W. P.; Harroun, S. G.; Chang, H.-T.*; Hung, C.-C.* “Excellent Oxidation Resistive MXene Aqueous Ink for Micro-Supercapacitor Application” Energy Storage Mater. 2020, 25, 563−571.

7.      Xu, D.; Lin, Q.*; Chang, H.-T.* “Recent Advances and Sensing Applications of Carbon Dots” Small Methods 2019, 4, 1900387.

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10.     Chen, W.-Y.; Chang, H.-Y.; Lu, J.-K.; Huang, Y.-C.; Harroun, S. G.; Tseng, Y.-T.; Li, Y.-J.; Huang, C.-C.; Chang, H.-T.* “Self-Assembly of Antimicrobial Peptides on Gold Nanodots: Against Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria and Wound Healing Application” Adv. Funct. Mater. 2015, 25, 7189–7199.

11.     Shih, C.-C.; Chen, P.-C.; Lin, G.-L.; Wang, C.-W.; Chang, H.-T.* “Optical and Electrochemical Applications of Silicon–Carbon Dots/Silicon Dioxide Nanocomposites” ACS Nano 2015, 9, 312–319.

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