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Program Overview

Undergraduate Program Overview



Thanks to the sequencing of the human genome, the development of stem cell research, and the reform of research techniques in molecular biology, new information and applications in life science changes with each passing day leading to the innovation in medical thinking and the advance of medical technology. The emerging biotechnologies such as genetic transformation, animal cloning, gene therapy, cell therapy, and genetic engineering, as well as the applications of medical technology clearly indicate that the twenty-first century will show vigorous development of biomedical technology. In order to embrace the trend of the development of technology and to provide world-class education and training for the country, the Department of Life Science was founded in 2003. Each year 50 students are admitted, including graduates from such renowned senior high schools as Taipei Municipal First Girls High School, Taipei Municipal Chien Kuo High School, Taipei Municipal Zhongshan Girls' High School, the Affiliated High School of National Taiwan Normal University, National Chia-Yi Girls' Senior High School, the National Wu-Ling Senior High School, Taipei Yan Ping Private High School, Victor Senior High School, and Taipei Wego Private Senior High School. The renovation of the 10th floor of the First Medical Building to provide integrated teaching and research space and to improve the quality of teaching and research was completed for the Department of Life Science in 2005.


Future Plan

The Department puts great emphasis on the curriculum.  In particular, we place importance upon solid training in modern biomedicine, the development of independent research ability, and basic and applied training.  It is expected that the graduates of our Department should be well prepared for the workplace or further advanced education. In the future, the Department will encourage interested students and those with great potential to participate in a 5-year program and enter the Graduate Institutes of Basic Medical Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, and Biomedical Engineering directly.  They will be enrolled in a Master’s program to fully realize their potentials. The 7-year PhD program is also available for outstanding students. The Department looks forward to achieving its long-term goal of making a significant contribution to biomedicine research and education.  It is hoped that our graduates will be able to lead the development of life science in Taiwan



Advanced Education
The students who choose the 5-year Master's degree program can conduct research work directly to complete their Master’s degree thesis. Altematively after graduation, students can register for the entrance examinations of graduate schools in Taiwan or abroad, including the Graduate Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, the Graduate Institute of Biomedical Sciences, the Graduate Institute of Natural Products, or the Graduate Institute of Biochemical and Biomedical Engineering of the College of Engineering.

Students can participate in research and development work in academic research institutions, hospitals, and in the biotechnology industry. Students can also join educational programs (such as special education) to complete the required courses to become school biology teachers or to teach in related fields such as special education.