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Department of Biomedical Sciences




邱健泰(Jiantai Timothy Qiu)

Jian-Tai Timothy Qiu


Assistant Professor


Ph.D., Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, the Johns Hopkins University, USA



Office Tel

+886-3-211-8800 ext.3494






Immunology and Microbiology

Lab & Research Interest

1. Study  the  immune  response of  T  lymphocyte  to  a high-dose GM-CSF-secreting  tumor  cell-based vaccine in mice

We had modified  codon   usage   of granulocyte-macrophages stimulating factor (GM-CSF) of mice but without changing amino acid sequence. As a consequent of modifying codon, it improved the stability of the mRNA, thereby  enhancing  the  expression  amount  of  the  protein.  By  using  lentivirus  vectors,  we transfected  mcGM-CSF  into  HPV  oncogenic  E6/E7  of  mouse  tumor  cells,  TC-1.  Since GM-CSF  is  an  important  hematopoietic  growth  factor,  activating  the  immune  system, including T cells and dendritic cells,  will be used as a vaccine adjuvant.  In this  project, we will   vaccinate    radiated   TC-1,   TC-1/wtGM   (wild-type   GM-CSF)   or   TC-1/cGM (codon-optmized GMCSF) in mice, and analysis antigen-specific CD8 + T cells and dendritic cells response by flow cytometry. In addition, some papers indicated that several vaccinations will induce suppressor T cells and MDSC cells. In this project, we will also analyze whether the same phenomenon will be occurred at and to investigate the mechanism of this induction.   We had studied the DC and CD4 cells activity in IL-15Ra-/- mice and published two papers on  this  area.  We  will  apply  the  IL-15Ra-/-  mice  in  cell  base  vaccine  model  to  dissect  the immune regulations in cancer tolerance.

2. Rapid and sensitive human papillomavirus genotyping by high resolution melting analysis (1) to establish a fast and cost-effective high resolution melting assay system for the detection of the clinically most relevant high-risk HPV types and (2) to tested whether high resolution melting assay system will be able to be useful tool to address questions related to viral persistence at the genotype level, the kinetics of viral load and disease recurrence.

3. Human clinical trials --- Targeted therapy and Immunotherapy



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