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Department of Biomedical Sciences




Curriculum & Special Program

Curriculum: Required Courses



The curriculum of the Department is based on basic biology, biological medicine, and modern biotechnology. The students are guided in an orderly manner to integrate theory and practice. The research laboratory of each faculty member allows the students to conduct research on special topics to acquire diverse thinking abilities and practical training by actual participation in the research work. The students are guided according to their future career plan.  Courses are designed to provide the opportunity for students to participate in the special education program and the biotechnology management program. The students have a wide variety of elective courses to choose from. After completing the basic and the core courses in the first and the second years, the students can take physiology, pharmacology, microbiology and immunology, or molecular cell biology courses in the third and the fourth years based on their own interests and the advice of their professors.


Required Courses



Curriculum: Special Program


Students are encouraged to take scheduled program based on their personal interest and career planning. Four available programs are listed below. 

Biochemistry / Molecular Biology Program



Physiology / Pharmacology Program



Microbiology / Immunology Program



Developmental Biology Program